“Furry” Friend Contest

First, here is the rationale for my pet’s name, JazzyT: Jazzy – because I sing Jazz & T – His coat, neck to chest, has a grey/white strip that depicts a Tuxedo, hence JazzyT.

Upon acquiring my pet, JazzyT,  I began to consider how others view their pets. How do they communicate when walking, when eating, when playing and all the added variables that makes a pet owner laugh, cry and simply hug their pet. 

I also began to think about pet owners who are ill and how their pet give them a reason to get up in the morning and become motivated to feed their pet, to walk their pet or simply let their pet out in the backyard. 

I also thought about those who are so proud of their pet to have their pet compete in a competition, like the “Best In Class” show or agility games. Folks who like to dress their pet in colorful costumes or seasonal wear to depict the owner’s style or other pets that are around their loving pet.  

So why did this become of importance to deliver input from pet owners to, Launch To Market Enterprise, LLC (LTME) website? Well, I thought it would be a great way to highlight the Pet Culture and thought I would focus on “My Furry Friend” with a narrow theme on Dogs & Cats. I have owned both dog and cat in my lifetime. 

They are so different but similar in many ways. Cats are smart & so are dogs. Cats are independent, so less “on hand requirements” to a certain extent. My cat was the perfect pet at the time, because I was able to leave him for a few days during my sales career he was comfortable with the food and water feeder. Cat sitter was not needed daily.  He was fine with a leash when outside, as we walked or played in the backyard while he searched and ate catnip. 

My dog needs on-going upkeep from walking, physical and mental activities, attention and feeding (plus so much more). Want to be independent, but still demands me to be there at his beckon bark. He knows when it’s time to walk, when it’s time to eat, amongst other daily requirements. Know when it’s time for his leash even though he’d rather do without. 

So, I am excited about this opportunity to have pet owners expand on what does it mean to be a pet owner? How has the responsibility changed/impacted your lifestyle? What has your pet done for you on a daily basis? Why did you acquire a pet? What would you change if anything? How did your pet impact your health? Your wellbeing? How does your pet influence your family? Your loved one? Whatever you want to jot down on paper, snippet of a video, whatever you desire to showcase your pet, GO FOR IT!

You never know, your pet may be the winner of a lovely prize.